Below the Fold for Nov. 16


Lost and Found

Timing is everything. The city of St. Louis this week will unveil an initiative aimed at reducing car thefts, which are occurring at the brisk rate of 32 per day.

The initiative got some unwanted early attention last week after police retrieved a 1999 Jeep Cherokee that had been stolen, stripped and abandoned. The car belongs to St. Louis Mayor Francis Stay, who will host the anti-theft press conference this week.

Looking For Love

Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich is seeking votes and a mate. The former Cleveland mayor has placed a personal ad on, informing interested women that he seeks someone, "Dynamic, outspoken and fearless in her desire for peace in the world." No mention of precisely what he would bring to the deal.

In any event, readers of the site can participate by voting on the best Kucinich mate. The winner and possibly future Mrs. Kucinich will be flown to New Hampshire for dinner with the twice divorced Kucinich. So far, seventeen women have participated.

Protest Memo

We have one last memo to share in the bare-knuckled brawl over judicial nominees. Senators this week received a missive about Democratic filibusters that read in part: "It has become focused on the nominees' personal values and beliefs, which has created a disturbing tone of anti-religious and, in some cases, anti Catholic bigotry."

The memo went on to say: "The refusal to permit a full and fair vote on the Senate floor for Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor... goes against everything we stand for as public servants. The only strike against Mr. Pryor seems to be that he is a man of devout religious faith. Intolerance of people of faith by certain members of the Senate is a stain on our nation."

The author of the memo is former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican and former Boston Mayor, Democrat Raymond Flynn.