Brad and Jen, 'Skin' and Paris Hilton

Brad and Jen's timing, shedding "Skin" and Paris Hilton's over-exposure in today's Foxlight.

It's all about timing according to In Touch Weekly magazine. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston want to start a family. Those kids will be pretty hideous looking, huh? But when do they start? The mag says even when "Friends" finishes, she has a lot of projects in the hopper. Brad wants at least three kids. Don't ask Christina Applegate to babysit. On last week's "Friends" she had Ross and Rachel's baby's ears pierced.

So porn is the new great American pastime? How come nobody watched "Skin" on Fox? It's shed more than it's clothes -- it's been completely stripped from the schedule. Fox yelled "Take it off!" and it's gone. Sorry, Ron Silver. You made a great sleazeball.

Speaking of porn, is there really a soft core movie starring socialite Paris Hilton? If there isn't, her family is going to great lengths to make sure nobody ever sees it. The New York Post says they'll sue anyone who tries to air it.

"The Hilton family is greatly saddened at how low human beings will stoop to exploit their daughter Paris, who is sweet-natured, for their own self-promotion as well as profit motives."

The real question is, clothed or not, haven't we seen enough of Paris Hilton?