Topics and Guests for Nov. 4

Despite continued violence in Iraq, a widening mutual fund scandal and the indictment of former HealthSouth Corp. Richard Scrushy the markets remain at levels not seen since May 31, 2002.

Why are investors so confident? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital, and Scott Bleier, president of Hybrid Investors.

Do you do stupid things at work that hold you back? If so, corporate coach Joe Vranich says you're a loser, but he can help!

Blasts inside Baghdad: Is the situation in Iraq on the verge of spiraling out of control? We'll get a read from Bernard Kerik, former Iraq interior ministry adviser.

Plus, CBS pulls its controversial mini-series The Reagans. Did the network cave to financial pressure? We’ll ask Michael Wolff, author of the new book Autumn of the Moguls .

And, as the U.S. economy begins to gain ground, we’ll examine the future of the jobs front with former White House economic adviser Laura D'Andrea Tyson, and former Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady .

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