David Letterman; Barbra Streisand; 'The Matrix'

Letterman's a dad, Babs is upset over the Reagan movie and critics pan the new "Matrix" in today's Foxlight.

So it's a boy for David Letterman (search) and his girlfriend. The baby was born late Monday night. And Letterman was back on the show last night to talk about it. In a direct reference to Michael Jackson, Letterman jokes "first thing" he took his son home "and dangled him over the balcony." '

Of course Letterman also had to have a Top-Ten List of reasons why he was excited to be a father. The number-one reason is -- quote -- "There is now tangible evidence that I have had sex." By the way, contrary to The New York Post cartoon, the baby does NOT look exactly like Paul Shaffer.

Barbra Streisand (search) is suddenly upset her husband's portrayal of Ronald Reagan is being censored? CBS bowed to pressure over what most agree is a lame script. They're moving it to Showtime. What's the matter, Barbra, don't you have cable?

Finally, free your mind from the critics if you want to enjoy the last installment of "The Matrix" (search) trilogy. They hated it. And they're right. But that won't stop fans from going. The big question, what's next for Keanu? Dude, if I can call you dude, how about a third "Bill and Ted?"