Behind the Scenes in Modesto

Dear Viewers,

We had a short day in court today here in Modesto. The reason is that Scott Peterson's lawyer, Mark Geragos (search ), got called to another courtroom in another part of the state. Obviously a lawyer can't be in two places at one time, so the judges "cooperate" and make adjustments for each other. In Modesto, the judge permitted a half day while Mark went to Los Angeles. It is expected that Mark will be back by late Tuesday and court will start again at 9 a.m.

Tuesday there was only the testimony from a police officer -- the first on the scene at Laci's house after she was reported missing. Before the testimony began, Scott entered the courtroom with a deputy at his side and smiled warmly at his family sitting in the front row. I did not see him look across the aisle to the area where his in-laws -- Laci's family -- are seated.

I thought you would like to see how we "work" when we are not on the air and thus snapped some photos. As you know from prior photos on the blog, we have a tented area for the actual show. But, in addition to the tent, we have a rented mobile home. It is not big, but it sure beats not having it. It provides a place to escape the cold, has a television so we can watch FNC, has phone lines so we can log on to the FNC computer, etc. It may not look like heaven to you, but it sure is to us. And, yes, I know, it sure does not look neat or clean. After using it for almost two weeks, it is a bit "rugged" but that does not disturb any of us.

Also, I thought you'd be interested in reading a few of the letters we've received about the Laci Peterson case and our coverage of it from Modesto:


Greta... PLEASE... the needle nose pliers did NOT start life in the boat. There are VERY good odds that they started out in the "tool drawer" in the kitchen, that Laci used them to fix a Christmas wreath or garland, or some other house job. They are great for cleaning out your hair brush before washing it, especially with long hairs like hers. I can think of MANY ways that her hair got on them...and yet every one of your "experts" thinks that they were never in any place except the boat. Tell them to get into the REAL world!!  Scott Peterson is a cheat, a liar, and  very stupid, but he is not a murderer.
Jean T.
Benicia, CA

You did NOT look like the Pillsbury Dough boy -- You looked warm and comfortable with that vest on! What I've tried to figure out for a year now, [is] how the hell does Gloria always look like she stepped out of a fashion magazine? -- Never a hair out of place and dressed to the hilt? They could work a year on me and I'd still look like I'd just come from wading in the crick! (oops-it's creek to city people!)
Janet M.
Pekin, IL


Do you realize how "stupid" it sounds when people are discussing how a hair got in a boat?  Have you ever used tape of a magnet roller to clean hair off clothes?  My hair used to be thick, where did it go? Just Disappeared... Right.
Brian C.
Oscoda, MI

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