Exhuming Diana

I haven't kicked the French around in a week or so. I'm overdue. Consequently, a story in one of the Brit papers jumped out at me.

The French want to order Princess Diana (search) exhumed so they can do an autopsy they didn't do at the time she died.

They didn't do one because her family -- that would be the future king of England -- ordered her embalmed and returned to Britain for burial.

Evidently French law prohibits that and the French think they were supposed to conduct an autopsy to find out, among other things, if Diana was pregnant.

But, on orders from the family and the British government, she was embalmed and that ruins tests that would ordinarily have been done in an autopsy.

But so what? Everybody knows that drunk driver Henri Paul is who killed Diana and Dodi Fayed when he crashed the Mercedes in that tunnel.

But now Dodi's father Mohammed Fayed is trying to prove that Diana was killed in a plot to make sure she didn't marry his son, a Muslim. And that evidence she was pregnant would play into that alleged plot.

And in addition to all that, the French are under criticism that the ambulance taking Diana to the hospital took over an hour to go three miles. So now the French are teeing it up to demand that Diana is exhumed -- dug up -- so they can examine the body.

If I were the Brits, I'd tell the Frenchies to stuff it. If I were the royal family, I'd tell the Frenchies to stuff it. And, I wouldn't care if it telling them to stuff it makes me seem guilty of these alleged conspiracies and plots.

I would just say, What do the French know anyway? And I'd leave Diana where she is.

That's My Word.

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