The Particular Perils of Technology

Dear Viewers,

The Modesto newspaper wrote this about me today: 

SEEN AND HEARD ---from today's Modesto Bee
A cell phone or electronic data assistant clearly on vibrate went off at least three times in the media section during the morning session. A sheriff's deputy standing in the back of the courtroom told the bailiff he thought it was Fox News TV personality Greta Van Susteren's phone.

OK...let me plead "guilty" --with an explanation. Yes, my phone and electronic device vibrated loudly in the courtroom. The judge permits devices as long as on vibrate. But here is where I ran into trouble: I have dropped my phone and blackberry so many times that both have loose parts. When they vibrate, all the loose parts make a huge noise--almost louder than the rings!!! I have since figured out how to also turn off the vibrate so I expect clear sailing today.

Last night I got back to my hotel room and noticed the message light on my phone. I called the voice mail and listened to it. I actually listened to it several times. It was a woman's voice, no name, no number and she said "there is an eyewitness."  I have no idea who she is or whether she is a crackpot, a prankster or someone with a legitimate tip. Naturally I assume that the reference is to the Laci Peterson murder (search) since I am in Modesto (search) covering the preliminary hearing. 

By the way, it is now very cold here in Modesto after the sun goes down and when our show is on the air. My teeth were practically chattering by the end of the show last night. It gets cold sitting for an hour in the outdoor wind.


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