Topics and Guests, Oct. 28

Today on Special Report...

James Rosen reports: President Bush (search) reaffirms that insurgency and guerrilla warfare will 'not intimidate us or the brave Iraqis and Afghans who are joining in their own defense and who are moving toward self-government.'

GUEST PREVIEW: We'll discuss the latest violence in Iraq with Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz (search).

Dana Lewis reports: A car bomb explodes near a police station on a major street in the tense city of Fallujah (search), killing at least four people. The attack comes a day after a series of homicide bombings in Baghdad (search) left about three dozen dead.

Brian Wilson reports: Will the House and Senate resolve differences and grant the president's $87 billion Iraq reconstruction request?

Bret Baier reports: Two civilian contractors working for the CIA were killed during Saturday's ambush in Afghanistan. The officers died while searching for terrorists in the region.

Carl Cameron reports: Along the Democratic campaign trail -- One presidential contender is courting the senior vote.

Major Garrett reports: Does Washington need another Democratic think tank?

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