Talk Is Cheap

So the donors’ conference has wrapped up in Madrid proving that the cheapest people on the planet are France, Germany and Russia.

Oh, I know. They say, "Hey, you broke it. You fix it." And "We didn't want this war, we certainly aren't going to throw money down the rat hole we so vociferously opposed."

But that's a cop-out...

Saddam Hussein (search) murdered and tortured his own people, and they were imprisoned in his regime. Whatever else you think about the war, even the Arabs are breathing a huge sigh of relief that he's gone — finally facing up to how bad he was.

The Saudis have given the Palestinians $4 billion over the last five years, and God knows some part of that went into bombs. What did they give here? A mere billion? They are rolling in oil money since Iraq's oil went offline. Come on!

And our friends to the north, the carping Canadians... "You're big, but we're better." They have had an absolute windfall from the Iraq war — now the no. 2 exporter of oil to the U.S. — 1.4 million barrels a day, at $30 a barrel, thank you very much.

We could take the $2 billion we give to Egypt each year and give it to Iraq. We could take the hundreds of millions in U.N. dues and give it to Iraq. After all, is there a better definition than money down a rat hole than paying your U.N. dues?

Let's face it... they all talk big. We want to help. We're only worried about the Iraqi people. But when it comes time to pony up, it's the coins clinking around under the cushions of the couch and not much more.

That's My Word.

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