Blowing the Whistle

About the latest news on the Mepham High School hazing case: Something happened after Friday’s show that I thought I'd share with you.

As you know, Wesley Berger was one of our guests when we did a segment on this. He was badly beaten in a hazing episode at the same school back in 1995 and sued the school. He was made a pariah back then for taking action, so he is speaking out, urging witnesses to this latest hazing case to come forward and cooperate with police.

We have no evidence that any witness to the attacks is cooperating with authorities. And authorities estimate at least 15 members of the football team saw several of their teammates sodomize freshman players with broomsticks, pine cones and golf balls.

Wesley mentioned that he's been getting a rash of prank phone calls (profanity-laced harassment) in the weeks since he started speaking out. And after the show, he confessed to feeling uncertain. He asked me, "Am I doing the right thing? Do people think I'm wrong for talking so much about this? I'm doing it to encourage the younger kids to come forward and tell police what happened. But I'm worried people think I'm a jerk."

So here's my question to viewers: What is your opinion of Wesley Berger?

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