Why Won't Democrats Admit the Iraq War Was Right?

A producer here at FOX gave me an email that summarized a recent lecture given by a Shreveport, La. federal judge named Don Walters.

Judge Walters was asked to go spend a few weeks in Iraq evaluating the legal system, and what had to be done to get it up and running.

So he did. Walters said he had great hope for Iraq becoming a nation of laws because of the law students he met, many of whom seemed to understand what had to be done and how to do it... but another part of his note caught my attention.

"Despite my initial opposition to the war," Judge Walters said, "I am now convinced, whether we find weapons of mass destruction (search) or prove Saddam [Hussein] sheltered and financed terrorists, absolutely we should have overthrown the Baathists (search), and we should have done it sooner."

Why? Judge Walters cites the 57 mass graves that had been found In Iraq by the time he left in June, the thousands of credible reports of torture and the murders of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Iraqis.

Quoting Judge Walters again: "Thousands suffered while we were messing about with France and Russia and Germany and the U.N. Every one of them knew what was going on there, but France and the U.N. were making millions administering the Food for Oil (search) program."

I have been reviewing the Amnesty International (search) reports going back years, and there is no doubt France and Germany and Russia and the U.N. knew what was going on there.

Nobody had the guts to do anything about it until the U.S. said it would, and then everybody wanted a better reason... WMD or whatever.

Everybody now — including the Arabs — admit they knew how bad it was.

So how come the Democrats still have their heads buried in the sand? Why are they still saying the war was wrong?

That's My Word.

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