Topics and Guests: October 16

Tonight...get on the record!

The President of the United States meets with the governor-elect of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. What can we expect from this meeting? We'll ask a member of Schwarzenegger's transition team, FNC Political Analyst and USC Law Professor Susan Estrich and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to weigh in.

Plus, our legal eagles will weigh in with analysis of all the developments in the Kobe Bryant (search) and Laci Peterson (search) cases. We'll also ask forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden to bring his expertise to our discussion.

 Tonight's distinguished attorneys include:

Jayne Weintraub, criminal defense attorney

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor

Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective

All these stories and much, much more!

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--All topics and guests subject to change

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