Topics and Guests, Oct. 15

Three Americans were killed and another was wounded when a remote-controlled bomb exploded under a U.S. diplomatic vehicle in the Gaza Strip (search). The U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv (search) advises all Americans to leave the Gaza Strip.

Jennifer Griffin reports: President Bush condemns the attack and blames the Palestinian Authority (search) for failing to dismantle the terrorist organizations.

Brian Wilson reports: Debate continues on Capitol Hill over the president’s $87 billion request for Iraq. The new controversy deals with whether the aid should be a loan or a grant. We’ll have the story.

Eric Shawn reports: The United States predicts that the Security Council (search) will approve a new Iraq resolution despite its rejection of a key demand by France, Russia and Germany to add a timetable for the transfer of power to Iraqis.

Bret Baier reports: Does an Iranian arms dealer have information that can lead us to weapons of mass destruction (search)? Get the details.

Carl Cameron reports: Democratic hopefuls are out in full force on the campaign trail, are their messages getting across loud and clear?

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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