Topics and Guests for Oct. 14

Violence continued in Iraq on Tuesday, as at least one person was killed and a dozen more were injured when a car bomb exploded at the gates of the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad (search).

But is the situation as unstable as the news media are reporting? We’ll get firsthand accounts from Sens. Conrad Burns, R-Mont., and Lincoln Chafee, R-R.I., the only GOP senator to vote against the war in Iraq.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering bring silicone breast implants. They were already removed from the market once. Are they any safer now? We’ll ask Dr. Sidney Wolfe and Dr. Bernadette Healy, health and medical correspondent with U.S. News and World Report.

As the race for the White House continues, is cash king? Will whoever raises the most money be the winning candidate? We’ll get insight from Jeff Birnbaum, Fox News political contributor and managing editor of Fortune magazine.

And, if obesity is an epidemic in this nation, don't tell it to Graziella Ferrante, head of She’ll explain why its simply an evolution.

The market is looking up. With crucial earning reports coming in, get the edge on what you need to cash in from Charles Payne founder, CEO and chief analyst of Wall Street Strategies.

Get the financial news you can bank on, on tonight’s edition of Your World with Cavuto.

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