Tim Robbins, Woody Allen, Gary Coleman

Tim Robbins tipsy on TV? Woody wants money not to make movies and Gary Coleman gets a new job in today's Foxlight.

Was Tim Robbins (search) drunk on the "Today" show Wednesday? He told Katie Couric he normally gets a good night's sleep before a live morning television appearance, but Susan Sarandon surprised him with a birthday party Tuesday night. He told Katie he's never been drunk on TV before, implying he was up all night celebrating. He walked the straight line of the rest of the interview for "Mystic River" with aplomb. Cheers!

We're learning more about that Woody Allen (search) book. He wants $10 million for the details of his life with people like Mia Farrow. He says he needs that much money because it will take him a year to write the book, and his moviemaking commitments are too lucrative. Woody, at this point, I think a lot of us would pay you $10 million not to make movies. Take as long as you want writing the book if it keeps you away from a camera.

Finally, gainful employment for Gary Coleman (search). He's not the governor of anything, but running against the other Arnold got him a gig as a political analyst. Wachtalkinbout? That's right. Gary Coleman, the new James Carville. But it's OK, he's doing it for a comedy radio network.