Hasta la Vista, 'Grey' Davis

Hey, get this...The citizenry of California held an intervention for their fiscally drunk state on Tuesday and threw blandleader ‘Grey’ Davis out on his perpetually-cocked-in-the-direction-of-special-interests ear.

I don’t want to say Davis lacks charisma, but his vanity license plate is a random series of numbers and letters. Double-jointed specialty dancers at Polynesian resorts could not limbo under Davis’ approval ratings.

The recall was an amazingly cathartic process for the electorate of this once-great state and their repudiation of Davis was comprehensive enough to at least earn him a time-share on Elba. Davis of course was replaced by what will hopefully be the Two-Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger (search), who brings with him an attitude more can-do than an apprentice concierge.

Congratulations, Arnold. You have met your enemies on the field of battle, crushed them beneath your feet and heard the lamentations of their minions.

As expected, Arnold’s adversaries played real, real dirty. The kitchen sink was the first thing the L.A. Times threw at Arnold and things went downhill from there. At the end, they were just groping at straws.

Cruz Bustamante (search), the Democratic sub-standard bearer in the run-off election, finished a second more distant than the planet Pluto. One of my few disappointments during the evening was that California’s flimsy power grid didn’t blow out in the middle of Cruz’s concession speech.

California Democratic Party head apparatchik Bob Mulholland said he is considering another recall in 100 days. Wow, the wine Ripple is not made with grapes that sour. Hey, Bobby, bring it on! I thought the recall was fun. Plus, we were able to keep Gary Coleman’s AFTRA (search) dental plan active.

Simply put, California’s stature had plummeted to the point where Governor Schwarzenegger actually had to pronounce “California” differently to remind us what a truly unique state it is. Now it’s time for Arnold to lead the state through a series of cali-sthenics and strengthen some fiscal muscles that have grown flabby over the last five years as Davis turned us in to anti-business girly men.

In closing, I want to say thank you to the people of California. Just when I was starting to think that freaky had become the official coin of the realm; you guys stepped up and exhibited some good old-fashioned heartland common sense.

It’s encouraging that after seeing things in shades of ‘gray’ for the last five years we were able to make a simple black and white decision. Salute.

Got that?