Gwyneth dishes on Ben, Woody might come clean on Soon-Yi, Beyonce's new fashion line and Jay Leno actually says something funny in today's Foxlight.

Gwyneth Paltrow (searchtells ABC she doesn't know why her old boyfriend Ben Affleck hasn't gotten married yet. She doesn't talk to him. She said he's a great guy but was reminded that the last time she was on "Good Morning America" she said the perfect girl for Ben was a stripper with a cold beer in each hand. Of that comment, Paltrow laughed that she's got to stop drinking before interviews.

How strapped for cash can Woody Allen (search) actually be? First, word that his $20-something million townhouse might be up for sale. Now there are reports that he may publish his own memoirs. Sources say he could get millions if he spills everything about everybody -- including his daughter-bride Soon-Yi Previn. That courtship even The Foxlight doesn't need to hear about.

Beyonce Knowles (searchsays she's launching two new clothing lines by next year. Let's hope neither one of them looks like anything she wore in "Austin Powers in Goldmember." Turns out when she was attending all those recent Fashion Week shows she wasn't being paid -- she was taking notes.

Finally, Jay Leno actually said something funny. He noted the critics said Schwarzenegger couldn't be governor because he was an actor. Leno said the win was historic, because the critics are calling Schwarzenegger an actor for the first time.