Next Steps After Recall Election

A look at what happens after the Oct. 7 recall (search) election:

-- Registrars in California (search)'s 58 counties have 28 days to complete official vote counts. County supervisors have additional seven days to approve results and send them to secretary of state's office.

-- Within five days of county certification, any registered voter can request recount if willing to pay for the process.

-- Secretary of state has four days to certify county election results. Under certain conditions, secretary of state can certify results before counties finish their official counts. Entire certification process cannot take longer than 39 days from election day -- Nov. 15.

-- Upon certification of recall and replacement, new governor can immediately be sworn into office. Barring legal challenge, the latest an inauguration could happen is Nov. 16.

-- Governor has control over 1,100 appointments to top state jobs, including the 13 Cabinet members, dozens of department heads, and hundreds of deputies and top state executives.

-- State law requires that governor submit a balanced budget proposal to Legislature by Jan. 10.