Monday, Oct. 6: Photo Finish?

Talk about a cliffhanger!

With just one day left until the California recall vote, more women are coming forward, accusing Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) of bad behavior. How is it affecting the poll numbers in the final day? We’ll ask Bernie Walp, independent pollster from California.

Plus, with no real time to investigate whether the harassment claims against Schwarzenegger are true, what should voters do? We’ll ask Tammy Bruce, FOX News political analyst, and Joe Cerrell, Democratic consultant.

And, we’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Duf Sundheim, chairman of the California Republican Party, and Art Torres, chairman of the California Democratic Party.

Brand new reports say Kobe Bryant was having marriage trouble before his legal trouble started. How will this impact the Lakers’ star as he heads to basketball training camp and prepares for his preliminary hearing in just a few days? Rob Becker, Fox Sports Net's legal analyst, weighs in.

The jury could start deliberating at any moment in the other Peterson murder trial. Jurors are deciding whether a well-known novelist, Michael Peterson, beat his wife to death, or whether she fell down the stairs, as he claims. We’ll examine the story’s twists and turns with Julia Lewis, reporter for Fox affiliate WRAL and Shannon Rucker, defense attorney.

Plus, you think that you have noisy neighbors? Try having a ferocious, 400 pound tiger (search) living next door! Meet Martin Duffy, the New York City Police officer that brought the tiger down.

And, Linda finally meets her soldier pen pal in Iraq!

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