Guests and Topics: October 3

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Is the Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) gubernatorial campaign in serious damage control mode? We'll tell you how his campaign responded to allegations of sexual harrassment of women and even some charges of long-ago support for Adolf Hitler.

Why are stories like this coming out in the media with only days to go until the recall election? Who could be behind these accusations?

We'll ask California Republican and Co-Chair of the Schwarzenegger for Governor Campaign Rep. David Dreier and the CEO of the YWCA of the U.S.A. and former President of the National Organization for Women Patricia Ireland.

Plus, commentator Rush Limbaugh is also reacting to allegations of his own today. How is he responding to charges that he abused prescription drugs? Will his response be enough to satisfy his critics? We'll talk with radio talk show host Leslie Marshall.

Then, L.A. Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant (search) was missing from the team's first practice yesterday. Was it because his defense team with a big setback yesterday in Eagle, Colorado (search)? We'll debate it!

And later, if it's Friday on Hannity & Colmes then it must be "Miller time"... Dennis Miller will be here to tell us what's on his mind. This evening, our own special commentator who lives in California has got a few words of his own for his fellow voters as folks get ready to go to the polls on Tuesday.

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