The Foxlight: New DVD Releases

Cuba Gooding Jr. makes another bad career choice, 2 Bad 2 Stupid, "Dreamcatcher" is no "Big Chill" and "Bend It Like Beckham" scores in today's Foxlight.

"2 Fast 2 Furious" (search) was 2 cheap 2 pay Vin Diesel (searcha normal sequel salary, so this low octane version has to settle for Paul Walker back along with newcomer Tyrese Gibson. More cars, more races, moronic. 2 bad? Not really. It saves us from "3 Fast 3 Furious."

Speaking of 'Shouldn't they have known better?' here's Cuba Gooding Jr. (search in "Boat Trip." He and Horatio Sanz of "Saturday Night Live" are on a gay version of the "Love Boat." Hilarity is supposed to ensue, but it's mostly embarrassment. Cuba, between this, the snowy dog movie and "The Fighting Temptations," we're all a little worried. Don't let them take back the Oscar.

Lawrence Kasdan used to make great movies like "The Big Chill" and "Body Heat." Now he cranks out mediocre and bizarre stuff like "Dreamcatcher." Those animals running away in the woods? They've seen the dailies. This was a large supposed-to-be-cool alien film that was mostly alien to profit.

That just leaves the wildly over-praised but still enjoyable "Bend It Like Beckham." Girls just wanna have fun on the soccer field. The jokes are straight out of a sitcom, but the performances score a few goals. Hey, at least it got star Parminder K. Nagra her gig on "ER."