Guests and Topics: Sept. 15

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Governor Gray Davis (search) receives help on the campaign trail from an old friend. Can endorsement from former President Clinton bring the recall race to a halt? Or is this a desperate attempt to blur the underlying issues?

Meanwhile, it seems Governor Davis may be on the campaign trail for longer than expected. A federal appeals court blocked the Oct. 7 recall election because certain counties in California still have outdated punch card ballots.

How will the candidates react? Might an appeal go before the Supreme Court?

Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif., and Ann Lewis, former communication director for Bill Clinton, weigh in.   

And Bill Bennett will make a special Monday night appearance.

• Are liberals tearing down America and attacking the minds of our youth? Find out what Laura Ingraham has to say in her latest book — Shut Up and Sing.

• President Bush has requested $87 billion for the reconstruction of Iraq. Where should the money come from? What programs should be cut so that Iraq can be taken care of?

Should the rich be financially responsible for the Iraq war? Should they be taxed heavy in order to come up with the $87 billion? Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich will explain his theory.

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