Topics and Guests for Thursday, August 28

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Thursday, August 28:

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's in favor of legal medical marijuana, abortion rights, and gun control. Is he too liberal for conservatives to support?
Calif. state Sen. Tom McClintock, gubernatorial candidate

The U.S. is looking for other countries to help share the burden of rebuilding Iraq, but some key players at the U.N. are still dragging their feet
Radek Sikorski of the American Enterprise Institute

The R.M.S. Titanic went to its watery grave more than 90 years ago. When the wreck was discovered in 1985, it seemed remarkably well preserved. But rust-eating microbes are eating away at the former luxury liner
Dr. Roy Cullimore, microbiologist

Few artists have had the longstanding success that Johnny Cash has. While he's never courted fans outside of country music, MTV’s nominated his video "Hurt" for six awards
George Klein, Memphis D.J.

The Big Story’s "candidate of the day" in the California recall election
Brooke Adams, gubernatorial hopeful

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