Guests and Topics: August 21

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He donated a kidney to save a life and now he wants to do it again even if it kills him! Should his family and doctors stop him? You won't believe Zell Kravinsky's remarkable Personal Story.

Plus, U.S Central Command has confirmed the capture of the man known as "Chemical Ali" in Iraq. Are we inching closer to nabbing Saddam Hussein (search)? We'll ask FNC Contributor and former U.S. Army Col. David Hunt go give us some No Spin answers.

Then, the latest on the California recall. Are more and more Democrats becoming convinced that a recall of Democratic Gov. Gray Davis (search) is the way to go?  

Also, disturbing new findings from a new study of drug use among kids. Why is it on the rise? Could boredom be one of the reason? The answer might surprise you. We'll talk with former Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Joseph Califano (search).

And later, why is the Elks Club (search) in New Hampshire under fire?

All these stories and much, much more!

See you in the No Spin Zone at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET

--The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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