Trespassing Times?

And now the most fascinating two minutes in television, the latest from the wartime grapevine:

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Trespassing Times?

Three days after several men on an inflatable fishing raft gained access to a supposedly secure runway area at New York's JFK International Airport (search), a New York Times reporter, a Times photographer and a boat operator hired by them have been held and questioned for not only doing the same thing but also then trying to outrun authorities. The men tried to flee after New York Port Authority and New Jersey police officers called out to them about 100 yards off one of the runways. A unit caught up to them, and they were immediately taken into custody for trespassing. The photographer and boat operator were released by authorities, who say the investigation is ongoing, but reporter Corey Kilganon was formally arrested and transferred to a Manhattan criminal court...for a year-old offense…riding his bicycle on a sidewalk.

S.O.F.t on Terror?

The Senate has now taken action to restrict the use of Special Operations Forces (search) in the global war on terrorism. Language requiring the Pentagon to first obtain a presidential directive before deploying Special Operations Forces has been inserted into next year's intelligence authorization bill. If approved, the measure could delay any deployment of Special Operations Forces by a matter of weeks. But one senior defense official tells FOX, ‘this has no chance in hell’ of actually passing, adding, ‘The war on terrorism (search) requires more flexibility not less, and Congress knows that.’

Prince Arnold?

This is what the Washington Post said today about Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) and his campaign for governor…’Someday, maybe soon, the new prince of California politics surely will come out to talk about issues…right? Alas, not today. ... And so California waits, with so many questions.’ An editorial? An opinion column? Alas, not today. Those are the opening sentences of the Post's front page news story on the California recall race.

Pooch Predictions

Nevertheless, the recall effort is sure to be successful and Arnold Schwarzenegger is sure to win the governorship, ‘by a major margin,’ that according to 3 dogs owned by Sylvester Stallone's mother. Jacqueline Stallone claims her three miniature pinschers told her in 2000 that George W Bush (search) would beat Al Gore (search) by, ‘a couple hundred votes.’ And now, they tell her, Schwarzenegger is as good as in. The dogs have also predicted prison inmates will soon be sent to Mars and guarded by robots, says Stallone…who practices the art of ‘rumpology,’ which is much like palmistry but uses a different part of the human anatomy.

— FOX News' Michael Levine contributed to this report

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