Topics and Guests: August 13

Tonight... Get on the record!

Tonight we find out who is in and who is out in the California gubernatorial race (search). Does this mean the end for Gray Davis (search)? Will the Democrats rally behind him or come up with a new strategy?

A U.S.-Russian-British sting brings down a plot to smuggle missiles into the country and aid terrorists. How safe are our airports and are they protected from shoulder-fired missiles?

Find out when the president of the Airline Pilots Association, Captain Duane Woerth, goes On the Record.

Plus, is there hope for peace in the Middle East (search)? The Jordanian Ambassador to the U.S., Karim Kawar, will join us.

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham will discuss her new book, Shut Up & Sing.         

Will Mike Tyson (search) be able rebound from the latest scandals of assault and bankruptcy facing him?  Don King weighs in on the situation.      

And Amber Frey’s attorney, Gloria Allred will also join us.

Our legal panel will assess the latest with the Kobe Bryant (search) and Scott Peterson (search ) cases.

Tonight’s distinguished attorneys include:

Geoffrey Fieger, criminal defense attorney
Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney
Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney
Jeff Brown, criminal defense attorney

Catch all this and much, much more...

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