Topics and Guests, August 12

Major Garrett reports: The complicated California recall election continues to shape up. We’ll have the latest.

Guest Preview: Newt Gingrich will assess the situation in the Golden State.

Trace Gallagher reports: If Gray Davis (search) is recalled, his lieutenant governor will have a chance to keep the Democrats in power. Can Cruz Bustamante (search) boost enough support to become the next governor? We’ll give the details.

Carl Cameron reports: Last night the Democratic presidential candidates kicked off a week that is booked with campaign forums. We’ll have the highlights and the week’s agenda.

Amy Kellogg reports: Colin Powell (search) addresses ‘Seeds of Peace’, a group of Israeli and Palestinian students that come together to work towards peace, on the same day that two homicide bombers take lives in their home towns. As a result of the bombings Israel called off the planned release of dozens of Palestinian prisoners.

Bret Baier reports: One U.S. Soldier was killed and two were wounded when their convoy was attacked west of Baghdad (search). Meanwhile, rising temperatures make the region one of the hottest places in the world as U.S. troops continue their raids in search of members of Saddam Hussein's (search) inner circle.

Teri Schultz reports: New fighting occurs in Liberia (search) a day after the departure of former President Charles Taylor (search). We’ll get the status on the quest for peace in the West African country.

Brian Wilson reports: U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy (search) has a gripe with sentencing guidelines, he thinks they are too tough. We’ll have the full story.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

— Guests and topics are subject to change