'Total Recall' Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

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It is ‘Total Recall’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (search). There's no question this recall deal in California is a circus. Gary Coleman (search) is now on the ballot. And my question is where is Webster?

However, Arnold Schwarzenegger has seriously put a dagger into Governor Davis. Now the Democrats have to run someone, which further embarrasses Davis.

Now I don't care who the next governor of California is, as long it isn't Davis. He lied to the folks, bankrupted the state, bought votes, and avoided solving problems. The people have a right to toss him out on his keester. And if Gary Coleman is the new governor, so be it. He couldn't do a worse job.

Of course, the politicized newspapers like The L.A. Times hate all this because they want ideologues in office, not problem solvers. And they don't want you, the American voter to have anything to say about sleazy politics.

I like this recall deal. It may be too easy, but it certainly sends a message to dishonest, incompetent politicians. You will be held accountable. Arnold Schwarzenegger came into The No Spin Zone three years ago at the Democratic convention in L.A. I enjoyed talking with him. He's bright. I think he's sincere. And his lack of political experience really isn't an issue in a state as out of control as California. I mean San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is as experienced as they come, and look at the wreckage in that city.

I hope Arnold will launch a real campaign and answer the questions he needs to answer if his quest for power. If he dodges tough venues like this one, that will say a lot.

Last year, nearly 800,000 people left the state of California, primarily because you can barely afford to live there if you're a working class person. That should never happen in America.

So pardon me for sounding like Abby Hoffmann, but power to the people. In the end, the media, politicians, and the corporations will not look out for us, so we have to look out for ourselves. And now we have a total recall, which is a good thing.

And that's a Memo.

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