Topics and Guests for Friday, August 8

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Stories for Friday, 
August 8:

Critics say Arnold Schwarzenegger never held public office and doesn't really know the issues facing California's next governor, but the actor's supporters say he doesn't need to be a career politician to care
• Pete Wilson, former California governor and co-chair of Schwarzenegger's campaign
• David Mark, editor of Campaigns and Elections
• Gary Coleman, actor and California gubernatorial candidate

He's the bounty hunter who tracked down convicted rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico. California got its high profile fugitive back, but the “dog” is not getting what he was looking for — part of the one million dollars Luster forfeited when he jumped bail
• Duane "Dog" Chapman, bounty hunter

One cigarette maker is offering a free lifetime supply of smokes to celebrities who use its brand
• Patrick Carroll, founder and CEO of Freedom Tobacco International

It's party time at Studio B, complete with wine and cheese!
• Mark Frizolowski, wine maker from Pindar Vineyards

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