Topics and Guests, July 31

Wendell Goler reports: David Kay (search), the man in charge of the search for Iraq’s WMD’s, briefed two Senate committees behind closed doors. He says his team is making advances every day. We’ll have the details.


Bret Baier reports: Two of Saddam Hussein's (search) daughters and their children have taken refuge in Jordan (search). Does this signal that  their father is close to being caught?

And retired Navy Admiral John Poindexter (search) will resign from the Pentagon (search) after Congress put an end to two anti-terrorism programs he created.

Greg Burke reports from Rome: The national spotlight is on the issue of gay marriage, after President Bush’s remarks yesterday the Vatican (search) launched a global campaign warning that support of same-sex unions is ‘gravely immoral.’

Adam Housley reports: Who will be on the ballot for the recall election (search) in California? We’ll get the latest developments.

Steve Brown reports: Pro-choice (search) or Pro-life (search)? Historically the decision has been very one-sided, but is there a middle ground? Don’t miss the second part of this two-part series.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

— Guests and topics are subject to change