Topics and Guests, July 11

Democrats say they're outraged about the now-discredited report President Bush cited in his State of the Union (search) address that Saddam Hussein was trying to get nuke materials in Africa.

Was President Bush the victim of bad intelligence, or does the buck stop with the president? FNC senior correspondent Brian Wilson has been following the controversy.

Plus, with a three-hour stop in Uganda, President Bush applauds a startling success story in the fight against AIDS. President Yoweri Musevni says his country has cut its HIV infection rate from nearly 30 percent, to five. Wendell Goler, who is traveling with the president, will have a full report.

The U.S. Navy's newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS Ronald Reagan will be home to more than 5,500 Sailors and will support approximately 80 aircraft. Correspondent Kelly Wright is at its commissioning at Norfolk Naval Station.

Miami-Dad Mayor Alex Penelas will apologize next week to South African leader Nelson Mandela at the NAACP national convention in Miami Beach for the county's snubbing of him some 13 years ago. What’s the fuss? FNC’s Orlando Salinas will explain.

Plus, we’ll be joined by The Washington TimesBill Gertz, FOX News contributor.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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