Guests and Topics: July 7

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President Bush has sent a U.S. military team to Liberia (search) to assess the needs of the deprived West African country.

What can the U.S. do for this country that is plagued by a refugee crisis and a lack of health care? Could U.S. troops restore peace to the embattled region?

Bush awaits word from the assessment team as he himself prepares to leave for a five-nation trip of Africa.

What will be next in this affair with Africa?  And what will this mean for the peacekeeping mission and search for WMD’s in Iraq?  Alexander Haig, U.S. secretary of state under former President Ronald Reagan, will be here to discuss the situation.

Also, Los Angeles Lakers pro-basketball star Kobe Bryant (search) has posted $25,000 bond for his release after being charged with felony sexual assault. What does this mean for the basketball icon whose reputation before this point has been unblemished? We’ll discuss it.

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