Chris Rock, Pamela Anderson and Tom Green

Chris Rock exercises his comedy muscle, Pamela Anderson keeps her lips zipped and Tom Green as the new King of late-night in The Foxlight.

Chris Rock is hitting the road because he says he hasn't done stand-up in a long time. It's all to flex his comic muscles for the upcoming MTV Video Awards. He's done it two other times. Remember his rant about J-Lo's rear end having it's own limousine? Or Dianna Ross fondling Lil' Kim's breast? That's comedy gold. The awards are August 28. And his impromptu comedy tour will hit different cities with just 24-hours notice -- so keep a comedy eye peeled.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock splitting up? Say it isn't so. She won't. She told Jay Leno Wednesday night that she's in a "mini holding pattern." And that's all she would say. Kid Rock has been on a USO tour in Kuwait and Iraq. Now he's back and he's also saying "No comment." A stunned nation will try to cope.

Finally, is Tom Green the new Johnny Carson? Some reviewers think so. They're praising the new Tom Green show on MTV. The more traditional talk show format includes a monologue, in which he says if you want to see him in the new Charlie's Angels you'll have to run into him at the theater. He says he's not appearing in the sequel was part of his divorce settlement.