Charlie's Angels, Steven Spielberg and Jason Alexander

The Angels' paychecks, Spielberg's extra cash and Costanza splits with KFC in The Foxlight.

Be careful out there Angels...but should some be more careful than others? Based on paychecks, you bet your speaker-phone they should be.

Unlike the cast of Friends with equal pay for equal jokes, those wascally women in Charlie's Angles: Full Throttle got very different paydays. Cameron Diaz said "no" so many times they threw $20 million bucks at her. Producer Drew Barrymore took $14 million, a producing fee and some points. And Lucy Liu -- the hottest Angel according to The Foxlight -- got a measly $4 million. Can you believe I just called $4 million measly? That's show biz.

Speaking of mega money, never, ever, ever feel sorry for Steven Spielberg. No matter how many times you see his film 1941 playing at 4 a.m. That's because recently unearthed financial statements show he gets a percentage of Universal theme parks. It's  a little "tip" that started years ago and nets him about $147 million a year. Still, there was A.I., No. I'm not feeling sorry for him.

Finally Jason Alexander's life continues to resemble a Seinfeld episode. He's decided to sever all ties with KFC because they kill the chickens inhumanely according to PETA. He thought they all had heart attacks? "No multi-million dollar spokesman for you!"