Topics and Guests for June 24

From slumping stocks to weary investors, the economy needs a jump.

Alan Greenspan (search) and company are expected to keep up the rate-cutting binge on Wednesday, pushing interest rates into un-chartered territory: down to one percent or less. Do we need to keep stimulating the economy? Robert Reich, former Labor secretary of the United States, and Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth, join the debate.

Obstacles remain in the effort to rebuild of Iraq, including deadly attacks on humanitarian relief. Are these attacks slowing down the process? We’ll ask Lynn Fritz, director general of the Fritz Institute.

The Supreme Court has ruled that public libraries must install filters on their computers to shield kids from Internet porn. Sounds like the right thing to do -- so why are libraries griping? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Rita Thompson-Joyner, director for lifelong learning for D.C. Public Libraries, and David Crane of The Washington Group.

Is the U.S. too dependent on imported oil? We’ll ask syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor, Charles Krauthammer.

Plus, we’ll take the markets’ temperature with Alexandra Lebenthal, president of Lebenthal and Co.; Mike Norman, publisher of the Economic Contrarian Update, and Frank LaSalla, president and COO of Bank of New York's BNY Clearing Services Unit.

And, Apple Computer may have soured the competition yesterday when the computer giant announced its new Power Mac. Will this new PC move Apple to the head of the class? We’ll ask Michael Kanellos, senior editor for CNET.

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