Guests and Topics: June 23

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Should illegal immigrants who are living in the United States be granted amnesty as long as they are otherwise law-abiding? Is this the humane thing to do or could it open the floodgates to a whole host of problems?

Illinois Democrat Rep. Luis Gutierrez (search) joins Sean and Alan to explain why he's sponsoring a bill known as the "Unity, Security, Accountability and Family Act (or the U.S.A. Family Act)." The bill has been described as "legislation that would grant legal permanent residence to immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for five or more years. -- [It would] also would provide conditional legal status and work authorization to all law-abiding immigrants living in the United States for less than five years." 

Plus, the U.S. Supreme Court (search) has upheld a controversial affirmative action policy this morning employed at the University of Michigan's law school, but struck down a plan used by the undergraduate school that gave certain racial groups a head start in admissions.

The 5-4 law school decision validates the policy that allows those in admissions offices at the law school to not only take race into consideration, but to weigh it more than other factors, such as grade point average and test scores on standardized law school entrance examinations.

But the justices, voting 6-3, struck down the undergraduate school admissions policy that automatically gave blacks, Hispanics and Native-American applicants 20 points in a system in which 100 points were needed in order for a student to gain entry into the university.

What does the court's ruling mean for the country? We'll debate it tonight!

And later, Secretary of Heath and Human Services Tommy Thompson joins the debate!

Finally, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (search) has made it official... He's running for president in 2004. Does he have a chance? We'll size up the entire Democratic field tonight with Democratic Consultant Richard Aborn and Republican Consultant Pete Snyder.

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