Guests and Topics: June 19

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Massachusetts Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry (search) is lashing out at President Bush saying he waged a war against Iraq based on questionable intelligence information. Does he have a point or is this just politics as usual as we head into the 2004 presidential race? We'll debate it!

Plus, how great is the threat from Al Qaeda members in the United States? Newsweek correspondent Michael Isikoff will discuss the details of the magazine's recent investigation.

And later, what's the best way to save our forests? If you can believe it, even environmental activists are split on that question.  

Tonight, Sean and Alan will talk with Patrick Moore who's the co-founder and a past president of Greenpeace (search). He's pretty upset with the group about their latest report that says it's better to let a forest burn to the ground than adopt programs to reduce the devastating effects of major forest fires.


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