WMD Probe: Public, or Private?

With Congress set to begin hearings this week into prewar intelligence on Iraq (search), senators are trying to come up with some consensus on how to proceed with a formal review.

On Sunday, Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., held out the possibility of open hearings -- a key demand of the Democrats -- "if we think that is warranted."

As lawmakers debated the congressional reviews on the weekend television talk shows, Roberts offered another possible concession. He said hearings would likely be followed by a classified report as well as a public report, something the Democrats also have called for.

The closed hearings of Roberts' committee would consider what information President Bush used to build his case against Iraq.

WMD probe: Public, or private?

A sample of your responses:

This whole debate is doing nothing but providing the democrats with a platform for the next presidential election, since they had little or nothing to stand on as it was. Was not the mass destruction of the people there in Iraq enough? (Lord knows they found enough mass graves, are the democrats saying this was acceptable)... Come on people, we need to move forward, not backwards.
Knoxville TN

I do not think we should even waste our money on an investigation.  We know he had them, and before we liberated he had more than enough time to move them to his neighboring countries.  Saddam was an evil man who did terrible things to his people.  He also aided in terrorism.  He had to be removed, who cares if we find WMD, when we saved thousand of life's, and most likely told terrorist that we will no longer tolerate their behavior.
Sherrie M.

Even if we do not find any WMD we still liberated one of the most oppressed countries in the world. Just ask the citizens of Baghdad who are now able to watch satellite TV, express their views without worry of retribution and have discovered there is life without Saddam Hussein.
CPT K.J. Podmore
3d Infantry Division Artillery
Baghdad, Iraq

WMD should be public to see how the Dems accuse the U.S. of being a threat to the world. This would be irresponsible though, since it would have enormous consequences in trusting the U.S.  I think this attack against Bush would prompt more hatred against the U.S. The MAIN purpose of the war was FREEDOM and the fight against terror. Democrats should see the whole effect of the war and how Iran is standing up for Democracy. Is it that Democrats are against Democracy?
The hearings about the WMD should be done in order to find out who's got them now!
Damian D.
Coppell, TX

It is a travesty better known as a witch hunt to investigate the current Iraqi WMD status without investigating the Clinton 1998 war on WMD. All the WMD charged will fit in a moving van and there are more than 160,000 Sq. Miles of desert to be dug up prior to reaching any conclusions on the effectiveness of our and the security accuracy of the other NATO agencies prior to condeming them.
Olen R.
Valley, AL

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