Hillary Hoopla: Love Her, or Leave Her?

Wristbands, like those used for ticket-buyers at rock concerts, for the first 250 fans. A summer-long tour of major American cities. A little "magic" expected to attract bigger crowds.

Welcome to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's (search) 2003 book tour.

The host of the tour's inaugural signing event for Clinton's Living History, a Barnes & Noble in midtown Manhattan, is counting on heavy crowds Monday.

Store managers will distribute wristbands to the first 250 people seeking autographed copies of the senator's book, in order to make sure everyone in line has a copy.

Even before a single copy has been sold, the company's vice president of marketing, Bob Wietrack, predicted the memoir of Clinton's time in the White House will be the chain's No. 1 nonfiction book of the year.

Hillary hoopla: Love her, or leave her?

A sample of your responses:

It really doesn't matter what Hillary does.  Those who like her have liked her from the beginning and those who don't like her have not liked her from the beginning.  She and Bill are either Saints or Devils there is no middle ground.
Mark K.
San Diego, CA

Leave her, she is the reincarnation of Elvira Gulch, she lacks only the bike and the hat.  "I'll get you my pretty."  I wouldn't waste time watching her get hit by a truck.
John S.

It wouldn't bother me one bit if I never heard Hillary's name again as long as I live.  

Definitely leave her. She's just so slimy and arrogant, I can't bear to have her in the news. I long for the day when we'll be saying to each other, "Hillary?  Hillary who?"
Tom C.
Fairfax, VA

I wouldn't read Hillary's book if you paid me 8 million dollars!
Birmingham, AL

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