Hillary Clinton for President in 2004

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All this talk about Hillary Clinton running in 2008 is missing the point. It's the 2004 campaign that counts.

The Clinton crowd says the Bush crowd screwed up everything the Clintons did the last eight years.

The Bushies say we've finally pulled out of the Clinton-induced nosedive.

Those arguments are as circular as they are mindless, and I think a lot of people just cannot stand another five years of it. So I've got a solution.

Draft Hillary now. She must run against George W. Bush in 2004, because we have to end this Bush-Clinton, Bush-Clinton electoral duel that is shaping up to cover the end of the last century and the first decade or more of this century.

Do we really want to be arguing Clinton or Bush... a new Clinton or another Bush in our future? Clinton or Bush into the second or third decade of this century?

No, we don't. So let's just make her run now and get it over with.

I know. She won't do it. She figures Bush is a shoo-in for 2004, so she's going to wait. From her point of view, that's probably smart move.

But the new Hillary book has brought the old Clinton warriors out of the closet, and I don't think I can stand it for another five years. I'd like to see an end to this soon.

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