Topics and Guests for June 2

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9 a.m. ET

Suspected Olympic park bomber Eric Rudolph (search) remained under heavy guard in a county jail Sunday as federal agents in camouflage headed into the surrounding woods once again, this time hoping to figure out how he eluded them for five years. We'll examine the search with Chris Swecker, FBI special agent in charge of Charlotte, N.C. bureau.

Plus, hear from a victim of one the bombings that Rudolph stands accused of, Emily Lyons.

10 a.m. ET

With the tranquil French countryside as their backdrop, President Bush and other world leaders emphasized their desire to heal the bitter rift created by the Iraq war by vowing to fight global problems during the Group of Eight nations summit on Sunday. Will ties between the G-8 countries teeter as the fight against terrorism continues? We'll ask Ambassador Marc Ginsberg, former ambassador to Morocco and FOX News foreign affairs analyst, and Rick Macarthur of Harper's magazine.

11 a.m. ET

What lies ahead for Rudolph? We'll ask Doug Jones, former U.S. attorney for the northern district of Alabama.

12 p.m. ET

Will President Bush's road map to peace survive the roadblocks ahead? Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., joins the debate.

2 p.m. ET

We'll review the case against Rudolph with Jamie Orenstein, former federal prosecutor, and Jayne Weintraub, defense attorney.

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change.