Taxing Times

President Bush signed tax cut legislation last week that will put more of your money back in your pocket. But to listen to some people on Capitol Hill you would think we were stealing government property.

I don't know what you who pay taxes are going to do with your money, but here's a suggestion: Invest in three 37 cent stamps and send your two Senators and one congressperson a letter demanding that they reduce spending.

There is so much waste, fraud and abuse in government that cutting it out would more than offset the tax cut and help restore economic health to the nation.

You with Internet connections, go to the Web site Citizens Against Government Waste. There you can read all about how government wastes your money on projects that are designed to keep members in office.

Then go to the U.S. Term Limits Web site and see how you can help revive a movement launched a few years ago to stop the idea of career politicians. These are supposed to be public servants, not life-long self-serving careerists.

Why is the Federal government spending our money on the National Peanut Festival in Alabama and oyster recovery in South Carolina? Should Congress spend $1 billion on marsh restoration in New Hampshire or to rid Hawaii of Brown Tree snakes?

While some members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, are wringing their hands about the deficit and the debt, they don't mind adding to it with new spending.  For fiscal 2003, the big spenders stuck an obscene 9,362 projects in 13 appropriations bills. That was a 12 percent increase over the previous year's merely outrageous overspending.

You notice that Congress never asks us if we can afford a tax increase, but they complain they can't afford to do away with a single government program.

The only way this will change is if people stage a revolution. Tell them you're not going to take it anymore and if they don't stop their misspending ways, you're not going to take them anymore.

And that's Column One for this week.

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