Go Ahead. Give the Government All Your Money

So I'm at this big shindig with largely liberal venture capitalists -- (yes, there are a few. Quite a few, actually) -- who decide to gang up on me on my support of President Bush's tax cut.

"A blatant sop to the rich," one said.

"Our children will suffer," another railed.

When it was my turn to speak, I said simply, "You guys look like you're doing okay. If you don't want the tax cut, don't take the tax cut."

My point was and is this:

If you don't want that tax cut coming your way, send it back.

You don't want the extra bump in your paycheck, send it back.

You don't want more money to do more buying, or more investing, or more saving, send it back.

You think the government's a better place for our money, send back your money.

You think other families' money is better spent on your projects, send back your money for those projects.

You think the government has all the answers, give the government all your dough.

It's too late for you to lecture other people what they should do with "their" money. Practice what you preach and return "your" money.

Quite a few of you are very well off and say you don't need it. Prove it, then... and send it -- all of it -- back.

As for the rest of us who think we know more what to do with our money than you want to re-engineer with our money, may I suggest this:

Instead of spewing a speech, write a check:

I'll even give you the address:

Internal Revenue Service,
1111 Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, D.C.  20224.

You think those guys have all the answers? Give 'em all your money.

Pay up, and then for God's sake -- shut up.

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