Judgment at Waco

Judgment at Waco, hosted by John Gibson, will air on Monday, May 26 at 5 p.m. in place of The Big Story With John Gibson.

• Feb. 28, 1993 marked the start of the longest, largest and deadliest law enforcement operation in American history.

It all began with a botched ATF (search) raid on a compound held by the sect of Branch Davidians (search) in Waco, Texas, during which the cult's leader David Koresh (search) was killed.

The ensuing 51-day-standoff between federal agents and members of the Davidians ended when the FBI decided to use tear gas to force cult members out. Eighty people, including 17 children, died in the horrific fire that then consumed the compound.

Host John Gibson  and WFDW FOX affiliate anchor Richard Ray were both eyewitnesses to the events at Waco.

They'll give us the "as it happened" story, including interviews with survivors and FBI agents, plus Congressional testimony.

Who's to blame for this tragedy? And why is the answer to that question still relevent today? We'll find out...

Note: All guests and topics subject to change