Al Qaeda on the Attack: Are We Ready?

The FBI (search) on Tuesday warned local law enforcement officials to be on the alert for a possible terror attack within the United States.

The bulletin was described as a continuation of the one issued late Friday, which warned Americans of possible terror attacks abroad.

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge was going to the White House Tuesday afternoon to meet with President Bush and the Homeland Security Council to discuss "threat and intelligence information."

Al Qaeda on the attack: Are we ready?

A sample of your responses:

I think since the bombings of 9-11 we have made great strides to being ready for attacks, however being a free society we can never eliminate this threat completely and unfortunately we can be hit and probably will be hit.
Jan A.
Orlando, FL

We Americans are spending so much money and time on airport security and that is the last place the next problem is going to take place.  At least not on some airplane.  We passengers will stop any attempt to use the plane for terrorism.  Now, there may be car bombings in front of the airport because there is nothing being done and many small airports to protect the front of the airport.  Still many cars and vans are being allowed to park in front of airports unattended for a period of time.  TSA may be jumping thru their butts and ours but the local police are doing very little to protect the front.
Jerry W.
Atlanta, GA

NO we are NOT ready for terrorist attacks!
L. Vulgus

No... did not everyone just see 18 illegal immigrants die in the back of a tractor trailer down in Texas?  If they are still getting through... then we aren't ready!
Rhonda O.

Look how long the "Beltway Snipers" caused havoc, before getting captured. All a number of homicide bombers need to do is avoid capture just the one time they do their dirty deeds.
Dave H.

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