Guests and Topics: May 16

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The grim details of the murder of Laci Peterson keep getting more and more disturbing...

The autopsies of both Laci and her unborn son were completed by the Contra Costa County, California  coroner and sealed Thursday by a judge in Stanislaus County Superior Court.

The autopsies were completed sooner than expected but medical examiners seem unable to pinpoint the exact reason the 8-months-pregnant woman died, FOX News has learned.

But a source from Scott's legal team who has seen documents referring to the condition of the body said it was "horrendous," and "awful, awful, awful."

We will discuss these revelations and the possible cause of death with forensic scientist Dr. Cyril Wecht (search).

Plus, we'll talk about the tax cut debate on Capitol Hill with New York Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel (search).

And, we'll look at the controversy over a female golfer's desire to literally play with the big boys...

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