French Fried

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I got a few e-mails yesterday for kicking around the French, how it's not very professional.

In the Los Angeles Times Wednesday, a long story about how the French -- particularly President Jacques Chirac and Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin -- are astounded at the anti-French rhetoric coming out of the United States.

What this shows is that they really, really, really do not get it.

And this is what is truly astounding.

The French ambushed Colin Powell at the United Nations. De Villepin did it personally -- personally insisting to Colin Powell that Powell had to attend a certain U.N. meeting, then blasting him with a surprise insistence that no matter what, the French would never go along with a U.N. resolution that permitted war.

Powell was embarrassed and so were Americans.

Since that moment, they have been endlessly carping about the reasons for the war, how it was wrong, how the Americans can't possibly do without French help in putting Iraq back together.

And they are surprised the Americans have decided to freeze them out and let the Russians just take Paris next time?

What is amazing about all this is that they feel so entitled to eviscerate their allies -- the Americans -- and then act as if it's no harm, no foul.

If they're going to slam us, fine. But own up to it, don't pretend it was a friendly pat on the back, and if you lose, as the French did, take your punishment quietly.

France, here it is: no whining! You were weasels, you got caught, you're getting what you deserve. Have a nice life.

That's My Word.

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