Topics and Guests for May 12

The U.S. launches a major homeland security (search) measure. Will a $16 million “scare test” really test our preparedness?

We’ll examine the price of safety with Miami Chief of Police John Timoney and Denver Fire Chief Rod Juniel.

Is President Bush playing Congress like a fiddle? Did he high-ball his tax package to end up getting just what he wanted in the first place? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and Bruce Bartlett of the National Center of Policy Analysis.

Are the markets ready to roll? We've investigate how a slew of economic data out this week could impact your portfolio with Knight Kiplinger of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, and Tony Dwyer, chief market strategist at Kirlin Securities.

Plus, from Main Street to Wall Street, trust is a paramount issue. Following the dismissal of a reporter after editors found more than 50 mistakes in his stories, we’ll examine the lengths The New York Times is taking to repair the damage with Bill McGowan, media analyst and author of Coloring the News.

And, we’ll look at the most important African-Americans in corporate America with Earl Graves Jr. of Black Enterprise magazine.

About Your World...

More than just facts and figures, Your World with Cavuto gets to the heart of the matter with reports from FOX News correspondent Molly de Ramel and in-depth analysis from our FOX Business News All-Stars:

Terry Keenan, host of Cashin' In
Brenda Buttner, host of Bulls & Bears
David Asman, host of Forbes on Fox