Texas Trooper Arrests Absent House Democrat

A state trooper has arrested a missing Texas House Democrat and returned her to the Capitol.

News Eight Austin reports the trooper from the Texas Department of Public Safety captured state Rep. Helen Giddings (searchthis morning.

It reported the trooper approached the Dallas Democrat as she was getting into her car at her Austin apartment. She later said she had asked to be allowed to drive to the Capitol in her own car, but the trooper refused and arrested her.

She has been missing from the House since House Democrats began a boycott of House proceedings yesterday. While she wasn't among the 53 Democrats who signed an absence notice, she said she was absent in support of the 53.

Fifty-six House Democrats are now missing as the boycott continues to deny the body a quorum and block any legislative action. The boycott began yesterday, when a Republican-backed congressional redistricting bill was set for debate.