Everson Confirmed as IRS Commissioner

The Senate has confirmed Mark Everson as the new commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.

Everson, a top manager at the White House Office of Management and Budget, will serve a 5-year term as chief of the nation's tax collection agency.

"The agency must continue to improve its service to taxpayers," Everson said in a written statement. "It also must strengthen its enforcement of tax laws and work with tax practitioners to ensure all taxpayers pay their fair share."

His nomination was approved Thursday without dissent.

Everson testified to a Senate committee that he would pursue tax evaders, including the companies that market tax scams and tax avoidance schemes. He also promised to continue technology upgrades and reorganization plans begun by his predecessor.

During former President Reagan's administration, Everson worked in the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Justice Department and the U.S. Information Agency.